For Women Tired of Workouts and Diets that Don't Work…

How To Get Flat, Firm ABS & A Toned Body in 90 Days Or Less!

As You Indulge in Chocolate, Wine and other Delicious Foods

Discover the Simple, Step-by-Step Blueprint
to the Lean Body You've Always Wanted

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What Exactly Is Flat ABS For Women?

It's a 90 Day Weight Loss & Fitness Program created with specific female friendly workouts and nutrition that melts fat, tones your gorgeous curves and tightens your tummy by giving you exactly what to do step-by-step every day for 90 days – so it's easy for you to lose weight.

Plus these 2 essential keys to permanent results:

1. Strategic Indulgence: The biologically-proven way to have chocolate, cheese, wine and alcohol and still shed fat just as quickly – so you enjoy yourself and stick with it

2. Inner Strength: A daily blueprint that makes you mentally and emotionally powerful with unstoppable confidence and self-esteem – eliminating the #1 reason diets and workouts fail

Your Workouts...

are meant to be Short AND Effective (nobody has time to spend all day in the gym).

Your Workouts...

are meant to change every day to keep your body changing so you see results.

A Good Meal Plan...

is delicious, satisfying and transforming!

A Good Meal Plan...

helps you lose weight without losing your favorite foods.

Flat ABS...

connects the mind, body and soul making your life MORE enjoyable.

You can actually have Workouts that you absolutely love and look forward to that will give you a fit, sexy feminine body. You can enjoy eating a wide variety of foods & wine (yes, that includes chocolate and cheese) while losing weight and enjoying social events again. You don’t have to choose between a happy fun filled life and a hot body!

You can have it all!


Let me show you how you can even enjoy wine as part of your nutrition plan while losing weight!

What makes Flat ABS for Women so awesome?

Flat ABS will actually show you how to stick to your workouts and nutrition while juggling a busy schedule and still enjoying a social life!

Psst…I can’t live without my wine so I would not make you live without your guilty pleasures!)

How Flat ABS for Women Works

The entire training program is available the moment you complete your registration.

  • Workout on your own schedule.

    The workouts are created so that you can structure them around your busy life in the morning, afternoon, or evening it is totally up to you when you want to do your daily workouts.

  • Fool proof nutrition.

    Complete step by step daily meal planning with options. This means if there is something you don’t like or maybe you have an event coming up, you can swap out foods to make it work for your lifestyle and taste buds!

  • Mobile and Tablet Friendly.

    Your daily workouts, meal swap guide, nutrition and videos can all be viewed on your phone, computer or tablet so you have full access at the gym, the grocery store and when you travel.

  • Lifelong Access to the materials and to Yours Truly.

    The Flat ABS for Women is a system that I have used for years in my own life and is something you can re-use over and over to continue to stay fit, lean, and feminine. The material, videos, and Flat ABS community of women is yours forever.

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What does the Flat ABS for Women Program Look Like?

Flat ABS for Women goes through 3 phases:

  • Progressive women’s strength training (to tighten those beautiful curves)
  • Meal planning (tools to help you enjoy food and a social life)
  • Inner thought training (boost your confidence, reduce your anxiety & stress, and stay motivated).

Each phase will last for 4 weeks total and will take you through a structured and easy to follow workout program along with daily meal planning and inner thought training. With the steady progression every 4 weeks you will smoothly transition from a beginner to a kick ass strong, confident and fit woman!

Phase 1: Laying the Flat ABS Foundation

It takes a steady progression of regular exercise, nutrition, and spiritual thought training to make it a long lasting lifestyle habit. Starting in phase 1 we will lay the foundation of your workouts by starting with an introduction to Upper Body and Low Body Lady Strength Training along with incorporating the guidelines of a balanced nutrition plan and mental training.

  • Intuitive Eating

    Introduction to Intuitive Eating

    How to incorporate your favorite foods like Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate into a regular nutrition plan while still hitting your goals.

  • Strength Training

    Beginners Lady Strength Training

    to introduce you to specific exercises that will help shape and tighten up your curves while keeping you feminine and strong.

  • Spiritual Thought

    Introduction to this Spirituality Thought Training Stuff

    Learn how to get your mind connected to your goals and desires so your body starts to look exactly as you have always imagined!

Phase 2: Building the Flat ABS House

  • Toned Arms Training

    Toned Arms, Lifted Booty, Sexy Shoulders and Flat ABS strength training

    Learn how to use the lady strength training to shape and define every single part of your body to shape it exactly how you want one step up from phase 1!

  • Spiritual Bad Ass

    Spiritual Bad Ass turned Fitness Model?

    Learn how all that spiritual mind training stuff can actually change your entire life into living your dreams even if they include looking like a drop dead gorgeous fitness model!

  • Secret Day

    The Secret Day

    The simple workout method scientifically proven to burn fat in HALF the time of long, dreaded cardio sessions (while firming up your entire body – no equipment required)

Phase 3: The Flat ABS House with all The Fancy Upgrades!

  • The Sexy 6

    The Sexy 6

    The 6-day cycle that teaches you how to work out in less than 35 minute a day while sporting a toned, fit, gorgeous curvy body! You'll be stunned at the transformation your body makes in this 3rd phase in about the time it takes to watch your favorite sitcom.

  • Love

    How to Fall in Love with Yourself

    If you're like nearly all women trying to change their bodies, you deserve more than you give yourself credit for. I'll reveal my secrets for learning to love yourself, so you become the unstoppable woman you were born to be. You'll become more confident with yourself and everything you do.


Bonus: It’s like wanting wine then finding out it’s Happy Hour!

Guilt free but these mouth-watering meals will leave you satisfied and wanting more!

  • Books

    How to Fall Head Over Heels in Love
    (with your man or a new love interest)

    Whether you want to spice up your current relationship, or you want to attract that special someone, I'll reveal the important keys that will bring the love you're looking for into your life.

  • Books

    The Delicious 50 Natural Fat Burning Foods Recipe Book

    It seriously does not get any easier to enjoy a healthy nutrition program when you get to eat things like bacon, cheese, chocolate, dessert and pancakes!

  • Books

    ABS Protein Pancake Decadent Recipe Book

    Breakfast or Dessert you can have it however you like from a delicious simple stack of pancakes all the way to English Toffee Cake Batter Pancakes to light your fire it is all yours!

How was Flat ABS for Women even started?

Well, I was probably much like you...

Before I created the Flat ABS for Women Program, I suffered with low self-esteem and anxiety. I was in abusive relationships that killed my confidence leaving me to think that I was not pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough to be in a happy relationship


This is me after going through the 90 Days of Flat ABS.

You see, I haven’t always been in great shape…

Since I was 15 years old I have been trying out diets, weight loss, Lean Cuisines, Weight Watchers, The Cottage Cheese Diet, No Carbs, you name it and I did it!

I was also that girl who struggled with anxiety and panic attacks in my early 20’s trying to figure out who I was and where I fit in this world because I was so not confident with how I looked.

I did everything I could to make my body “skinny enough” but I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I thought I had to be perfect and go through extreme measure to look like one of these fitness models that we see on every magazine where in reality, striving for that kind of perfection made me miserable.


The picture you see above is after going through this Flat ABS For Women Program.

Look if you’re like me (which I have a feeling we have a lot in common) and you can relate to the low self-esteem, anxiety, struggling with your body image, then it is time for you to make the change that you have been putting off.

Trust me. I get it! I have been through all of it too and I know how frustrating it is!

This is why I created a program made for women who want to flatten their stomach LOVE their BODY, and Have a Life and a Body that FITS YOU!

Getting Flat ABS really is easier than you think and the best part is you don’t have to drive yourself crazy to get them or cut out your entire social life.

Here’s the thing, women have been so brain washed and screwed up from the thousands of commercials, movies, magazine pictures, and pills out there that we have no idea what is the right or wrong thing to do!

I fell for all of this crap too and through my own personal struggles, trying every diet out there, going through anxiety, and divorce….. I decided enough was enough and created the Flat ABS for Women Program.

The Flat ABS for Women Program is the first program created by a female for females who have curves, love food and wine, and are seeking that flat stomach and tone body so you can literally not just live your life, but LOVE YOUR LIFE & BODY!

The Proof


Changing Her Life


Progress at Week 4


Progress at Week 3


Husband & Wife, Brian & Danielle:
After Completing the 12 Week Transformation


Lost Over 100lbs!

"When I started my weight loss efforts I weighed 426 pounds. I had no energy, no motivation, very little self-confidence and no hope for a happy future. I've always had friends and been extremely personable but in retrospect, I used those positive attributes as a cover up for the unhappiness that filled my life. When I met Ashley she immediately made me feel comfortable. She greeted me with a sincere smile and positive attitude. I thought I would feel awkward and embarassed trying to do the exercises that she wanted me to but she always modified the movements to my abilities and comfort level. She also made me a meal plan and introduced me to healthier eating habits. I found myself enjoying different foods that I never would thought I would like!

With the help of Ashley's workouts, a healthier I now weigh 318 lbs. I have more energy and self confidence than I ever have in my life. Being able to lose over 100 pounds has showed me that nothing is impossible. It's hard work and I may get tired (mentally) every now and then but Ashley is a great motivator and friend. She believes in me and I know she won't let me stop believing in myself. Thanks Ashley, I'm looking forward to the next 100 lbs!"


Went from a size 12 to a size 6!

"... I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life at 178lbs. I was determined to lose weight and had investigated different gyms and trainers, most of which were out of my price range. Then I found Ashley! She was very affordable and willing to work with my busy schedule. I started eating clean and working out with her at first two days a week then three. I had never lifted weights in my life and it had been years since I ran a mile. On one of my first workouts, I remember just walking a brisk quarter of a mile and getting winded, but in early December I ran my first 5k!!

I have lost 35lbs and went from a size 12 to a size 6. Ashley has not only helped me get started working out, but she has helped me to stick to it. It is so helpful to know another person is going to be meeting you and pushing you to do what you don't think you can do.

Ashley is very patient, understanding and encouraging. She mixes up each work out so I am not bored. One of my favourite things about Ashley is that she has never weighed me. She puts more emphasis on how I feel about myself and how healthy I am. It is freeing to not be looking at the scale every day. I truly thank God for her and how she has been with me on this journey to being healthy."


More Confidence, Energy and in the Best Shape Ever!

"Ashley is an amazing trainer! She works with you to meet your personal goals in a way that will work with your lifestyle. Ashley personalized a daily meal plan to my tastes as well as worked with me in the gym. She tailored a fitness plan to accomplish my personal goals. In my time with Ashley I got in great shape, became more healthy and self-confident! I would recommend her to anyone!! Her transformation program with ABS is incredible and has helped my confidence, energy and to tone my whole body!

Not only did Ashley work with me on a personal level, but has also become a good friend through all of the training, meal planning, and weight loss efforts!"


Lost 15lbs!

"I never thought my body would get to the size that it did through training and the workouts that Ashley provided. I dropped about 15lbs and my body feels firm and slim all over.

I feel stronger, more confident and am learning so much about my nutrition, healthy and what I am capable of through Ashley's training programs."


Get the Flat ABS for Women Program Now!
$47 $29.95

Order Today For Only $29.95

The Right ABS for Women Program

Gives you Energy, Confidence and Your Social Life Back!

You have probably considered hiring a personal trainer or a diet specialist to get your body where you want it so you know that it can cost you anywhere from $75 per hour to $250 per hour which means for just 12 weeks of workouts you would have to spend over $1,000! That means you would spend almost as much on your body as you would on your rent! That just isn’t in the budget for most of us.

Plus, even if you did have that kind of money it’s hard to find the RIGHT personal trainer who:

  • > Understands your story and can relate with you to help you through your struggles
  • > Actually lives the lifestyle that they preach and expects you to follow
  • > Is experienced and has the background and knowledge to know the female body and how it works with the hormones, cravings, curves and all!
  • > Takes the time to develop a relationship and connection with you to know exactly how to help you get through your blocks and make lasting change to have the life and body you want.

Personally, this is my passion of being able to help women just like you change their entire lives creating a body that makes them do a double take every time they walk past the mirror. I absolutely love building a relationship and a lasting connection with every single one of my coaching clients because I know the more I can help them have a body that fits their lifestyle and their goals then the more they can live a happy and fulfilled life.

None of the women you saw in the Proof above started out with the amazing bodies they have now. They made the commitment and allowed me to be their trusted coach to take them through building a body and a life that they love.


I want to help you create a body and life you love!

The Flat Abs for Women Program is ONLY
$47 $29.95

Order Today For Only $29.95

The investment you put into bettering yourself is a reflection of the amount of commitment you are making. It is always easy to forget about your goals when there is no real value at stake and it is always easy to flake on a workout when it is free. However, I know you are tired of not getting the results you want and I want you to be serious about making the commitment to making this change in your life. There are no payment plans and there are no refunds. I want you to be just as serious about the investment you are making in your body and your happiness as I am about helping you hit your goals, have a happy and fulfilling life.

You have full access to the recipes, nutrition, motivation that is on Ashley Drummonds along with over 50+ videos to show you what I am all about for Free!


I believe that this whole program will change your life mentally, physically, and spiritually. I believe in a program that feels Authentic and true to your life and your goals creating a balance that gives you your happiness and your confidence back with quick effective workouts, delicious meal planning including the wine, cheese and chocolate, inner strength and thought training and finding out how to falling absolutely head over heads in love.

60-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Try Flat ABS For Women risk-free for 2 full months. If you are not absolutely thrilled for any reason (or no reason at all), just send me one email letting me know, and I'll refund your entire purchase price – no questions asked!

You can even keep the program as my gift for giving it a risk-free try.

Get the Flat ABS for Women Program Now!
$47 $29.95

Order Today For Only $29.95